Student Ministry at Fellowship Church exists to glory God by complementing parents in raising spiritually mature children.  

We believe you, as parents, are the greatest influence in your children’s lives and that it is your responsibility first and foremost to model and teach God's truths for them. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)


We desire to complement and partner with you during the transition of your children from childhood, through the teenage years, to adulthood and spiritual maturity.  We believe this is accomplished through the church body as well as through student-appropriate programming.


We believe that involvement in the larger church body will benefit your students’ spiritual development in two important ways.  First, through service, they will recognize their place in the body of Christ by discovering and identifying their areas of giftedness. Secondly, they will interact with other adults who can be examples of Christian maturity and who can encourage and instruct them in the development of those gifts.


We believe that student-appropriate programing allows students to process their knowledge and understanding of God on their own level and with other fellow students.  Over-programming tends to isolate students from the larger body; under-programing can lead to a lack of relevance and comprehension.  We desire for students, in relationship with other students and qualified adults, to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and to apply the truth of His Word to their lives, leading to life-change and maturity. 


At this time the Fellowship Students meet on Sunday evening for Bible study and fun.  We also plan social events to encourage relationships among students. As the group grows, we will continue to expand our programming to include opportunities such as retreats, missions trips, and conferences.